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John Tierney, School Photo Fragment, circa 1907

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This photo fragment appears to be a class photo of with grandfather John Tierney (born 1892 in New York.) He is the boy on the right side of the back row and if you look closely you can see a “J” written in pencil over his head.

I’m left wondering if someone intentionally tossed the rest of this photo or if this was all that was salvageable.
Early photos from the Tierney side of my family are few and far between.

In fact this and another of my great-grandfather are one of only two that are pre-1910. We have perhaps a half-dozen more of my grandfather John in various work-related photos in the mid to late 1910s.

The number of photos increases slightly after he married my grandmother but still not a great amount. So, I’ll take whatever I can get.

Anyone out there have any good resources for analyzing old school photos or figuring out from whence they came? (Especially in New York City.) Let me know!

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