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UPDATE August, 2013: Just wanted to add a precursor to this post, as I see a lot of traffic still comes here via Google searches. The Javascript trick I outlined in my original does not seem to work anymore (I just tried it in Chrome, IE and Firefox.)

However, I some info to make you’re life easier:

There are some nice sites out there like this one that can do the work for you either by dragging a pin or searching for a specific location.

But, there’s an easier way if you are already in Google Maps:

Simply Right-click anywhere on a Google map then Left-Click “What’s Here?” on the pop-up menu – you will see a Street View image in the left column and, Dum Da Dum! – the latitude and longitude up in the top search box.

Just remember, exactly where you click determines the data you get, so be sure to zoom in on a pin and click directly on that if you need accurate location info.

Now, back to our originally scheduled post below…

I was writing up a quick tip to point out some neat Javascript one can use in Google Maps to get the longitude and latitude of a point on the map. Then, I was Googling around and found a site that does it for you in a nice neat interface.

So, here’s two tips – take your pick!

Google Map Example

Without going into the reason for needing the longitude and latitude points, I found I was in need of them for some locations I was working on. First, find the location in question on the Google Maps.

Once there, copy the double-secret Javascript code below into the address bar of your browser and hit the Enter key on your keyboard:


Magical Happy Coordinates For You!

OK, it is not even secret, much less double. But go with it. You’ll get a nice popup with the longitude and latitude all ready to copy to your clipboard.

Then you can paste them wherever you need, or have them tattooed in an indiscreet location.

While we’re at it, here’s an interlude with a bonus tip: Google maps has changed their linky-link at the top right of any map to provide a nice SHORT URL instead of those old hefty behemoths of an address that would indiscriminately break forum posts when you tried to share them with others. See the images below for an idea…

Google Map Linky Link Click Google Maps Short URL
If all of that is too much for you – take a click over to Get Lat Lon where you can enter place names, addresses, zip codes or even zoom to your IP address and view the longitude and latitude right at the bottom of your screen.

Tip: If whatever you lookup is off by a bit on the map, simply drag the map until the crosshairs are in the right location and the coordinates will follow – Three out of four stalkers approve!

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