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George Washington's SpyGeorge Washington’s Spy by Elvira Woodruff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just like the first book (“George Washington’s Socks, which came out almost 20 years earlier!), the author has done a wonderful job of incorporating an interesting and well-paced story along with historical perspective.

While I believe aimed at children in the 8+ range (give or take), both books include partial story lines that are decidedly emotionally and intellectually difficult regarding the reality of war and ethics.

However, each also does a very nice job of providing enough information and grounding for the young reader to both feel for the character and understand the gray lines that are drawn in difficult times.

My son is 9 and the difficult passage in “Spy” did affect him – he was very concerned for what happened. But, we took time to discuss the events and the factors involved, which is the point of reading together, isn’t it?

I appreciate the thought and craft the author put into these books and highly recommend both.

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