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I have been adding the basics of my family tree to the new Familysearch  – dig that new fan chart!

Today I was working on one of my Czech lines, which of course contain all sorts of fun and exciting ácčěntéd characters. After I added my great-grandfather Vaclav Vaňáč and started to work on his parents, I looked up and realized there was an issue. Although the name shows properly in the “Vital Information” section of the main page, his name in the profile header mysteriously doesn’t contain the “ň” or the “č” – but still does have the accented “á”. Hmmm.

I tried to send a message to the Familysearch support folks via their help center, but kept getting the error “Unable to create a case in our support system. Please try again later.

Thus, wrote up this blog post to use when trying again later.

Familysearch Missing Characters Capture

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    Comment by Ron Tanner — June 24, 2013 @ 5:37 pm

    I see that this has been taken care of. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

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