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  • Apr15

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    NY Times Article, The Census Taker
    While looking for articles on census enumeration in the 1890 time frame, I found what I thought might be an interesting article on the social aspect of answering enumeration questions.

    However, I quickly realized that it degenerated into a long, verbose advertisement for the health benefits of drinking Duffy’s Pure Malt Whiskey.


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    “THE CENSUS TAKER.” New York Times (1857-1922): 3. Jun 02 1890. ProQuest. Web. 15 Apr. 2014 .

  • Jan15

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    I don’t know why, but this family history research is making me really hungry today!

    Screen Capture of People named Giant Fries and Giant Coffee in census results

  • Jun21


    I have been trying to figure out what the entry is in the Occupation column for my wife’s great-grandfather in the 1940 census. The Industry is clearly “City Subway” and the Occupation sort of looks like “Track-Man” but the way the letters are formed in the first syllable I have a feeling that is not what it is supposed to say.

    For reference, here is a link to the full 1940 census page on Ancestry.

    He was listed as a Signalman for the Long Island Railroad in the 1930 census, if that’s any clue. Anyone with an idea?

    1940 Census Detail for Michael Duffy Job

  • May3

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    While searching through the 1901 and 1911 Irish census today, I looked at the “Age + or – 5 years” search field and thought, “Hmm.”

    Because, that’s the sound thinking makes.

    I wondered, who was the oldest person enumerated in the entire census?

    The winner is John McDonough of House 7 in Drimmeen, Errislannon, Galway who was 122 years old. Assuming his age was correct (ahem), he would have been born in 1779.

    John McDonough, 122 Years Old in 1901 Irish Census

    But don’t worry about old John – he’s got his 90 year old wife and 95 year old sister-in-law to take care of him.

    There are:
    9 people between the ages of 112 and 122

    227 between the ages of 101 and 111

    6,146 between the ages of 90 and 100

    Various occupations of those not retired are “Labourer”, “Jobbing, Gardiner”, “Begging”, “Nurse”, “Farmer” and “Optician.”

  • Mar29

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    A nice 1940 Census Infographic courtesy of Archives.com
    1940 census archives.com