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  • Apr29

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    Uneeda Biscuit Ad, 1912While doing some background research on my grandparents’ time working at the National Biscuit Company in the 1910s, I happened upon this advertisement.

    “The people of the United States are known all over the world as a Nation of dyspeptics….” (Uneeda Biscuit ad, 1912)

    Nothing could be truer, even today.

    For more on my grandmother’s work at National Biscuit, more specifically, knitting clothing for WWI Submariners, see Comforts Committee of the Navy League.)

  • Mar8

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    Family Resemblance - BabushkasBoy, when I started researching my family history I didn’t think I’d see such a strong family resemblance so far back in time.

    Can you say babushka? Sure you can.

  • Feb28

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    While doing some family research on Findagrave, I thought this advertisement getting served up was quite funny…

    Last Chance to See Grandma!

  • Feb1

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    Affected Through Excessive JoyYes, I know I have not posted anything particularly genealogical lately, and I apologize. I hope to remedy that situation soon.

    For now, here’s another random news article with a last line that tickled my fancy:

    “Since she saw him, Mrs. Woodruff’s heart has been affected through excessive joy and she is ill.”

    I do hope she recovered. and still had the $1,000 to repay the insurance company.

    Special to The New,York Times. (1910, Jun 22). ” Dead” brother reappears. New York Times (1857-1922).