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  • Apr10

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    I found a very nice postcard of Oldřich and Božena hiding in my Babi’s old books. (Her mother’s name was Božena, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t THE Božena.)
    Oldrich & Bozena Postcard

  • Mar2

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    My grandmother Marie Simanek emigrated from Predmir, Czechoslovakia to New York in 1922, then returned home in 1926 to ask permission to marry my grandfather Joseph Vanac.

    In this photo she is returning to New York – with approval to marry! (She is the upper left-most woman in the rear. Click on the photo for a larger image.)
    It was taken in September, 1926 on the S.S. George Washington.

    Group Photo - SS George Washington, circa 1926

    The photo as a whole is one of my favorites, but the ladies at the bottom are my favorite favorite.

    Group Photo Crop - SS George Washington, circa 1926

  • Jan26

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    Uncle Joe - St. Mark's Basilica PhotoWhile scanning our family photos, I always kind of wondered where this one was taken. On the right is my Great-Uncle Josef Simanek, and he is standing with a woman in front of a beautiful building.

    The family came from a village in Czechoslovakia and I believe he later lived in Prague, so I always assumed it was something from that city.

    Uncle Joe - St. Mark's Basilica Photo, Rear
    Today I happened upon it and recalled that there was some writing on the back of the photo. Since it is in Czech I broke out The Google Translate and tried to read the writing. I tried many variations of the words, and didn’t really get anywhere beyond the first phrase:

    “Kostel sv. Marka celý s mramoru”
    “Church of Sts. Mark all with marble” Read More | Comments

  • Jan24


    A favorite photo I originally found on a Ferbane, Offaly, Ireland website that is no more.

    Behind the Stone, Ferbane, Ireland

    Ferbane was the town near my grandmother’s birth in Creggan, Kings County.
    The more I look at this photo, the more it reminds me of The Graveyard Book by @neilhimself

    Thanks to Tom’s comment below, this photo is likely from Clonmacnoise Monastic Site, which is northwest of Ferbane.

  • Dec30

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    I thought that I’d be able to get a few ideas written down during my Christmas vacation – wrong!

    In lieu of that, a another favorite photo post. Below is my Dad, Mike Tierney on May 29, 1941 with what looks to be a new bike. He’s got a River Phoenix thing going on in this photo…
    Mike Tierney, New Bike circa 1941