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  • Dec30

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    I thought that I’d be able to get a few ideas written down during my Christmas vacation – wrong!

    In lieu of that, a another favorite photo post. Below is my Dad, Mike Tierney on May 29, 1941 with what looks to be a new bike. He’s got a River Phoenix thing going on in this photo…
    Mike Tierney, New Bike circa 1941

  • Dec16

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    I have had absolutely no time to write the last week or so, so I will show my face with a quick photo collage I whipped together while waiting for servers to reboot…

    My grandmother’s Egan family was all from near Ferbane in County Offaly (King’s) Ireland. Her sister Kathleen went to Dublin and became a nurse and joined the church, later going to China and Hong Kong working with Caritas helping children and others in hospitals.

    She took the religious name of Sister Attracta, and the name Attracta has continued on in the family one of nieces being named after her and my sisters both taking it as their confirmation names.

    Sister Attracta Collage

    The first photo is a crop from a beautiful one of her and several sisters, the second I believe is from her time in Dublin. The third, I’m told was on the cover of a Catholic magazine, and the last two are from later in life: visiting back home in Ireland and in China. (She wrote on the rear of that last photo that the small houses in back of her on the hillside are graves.)

  • Nov30

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    Cabinet Card, Unknown Family, Wien One of my favorite photos in our family album – but sadly an unknown family. As our family is Czech from the towns of Zámlyní and Předmíř I am very interested to know who from the family might have had their photo taken at Burggasse 116, Wien, Austria.

    Cabinet Card, Rear, Unknown Family, WienYou have to love the beautiful design of the rear of this cabinet card…







    For future Google searchers, a transcription of the printed text on both side of the photo are as follows:

    Front of card:
    C. TH. MEYER
    JNH d. KUNST u. Verlagsanstalt
    u. Photogr.Atelier, Else”
    VII.Burggasse 116.

    Rear of card:
    Carl Th. Meyer
    Atelier, Elsa
    VII/3 Burgasse No 116

    Die Platte Bleist Fur
    Nachbestellungen AufBewahrt
    Verulelfaltigungsrecht Vorbehalten
    Nachdruck Verboten

  • Nov11

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    For Veteran’s Day, I thought I’d post a WWII Navy photo of my Dad with a group of fellows (and a few lucky ladies) from his post in the Personnel Accounting Office’s Machine Records Installation located at 90 Church Street, Manhattan.

    Until recently I thought this photo was taken down in Washington, DC, where he was assigned at the beginning of his service. But recently I found a few alternate copies of this group photo, one of which has the NYC information written on the back.

    Thanks to all who have served our country.

    US Navy, Machine Records Installation, Church Street, NYC, Group Photo

    My father, Michael Tierney is in the rear row, right in front of the door.


  • Nov2

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    In a previous post on my great-grandfather, the New York City Municipal Policeman I included a photo comparison of an image from our family album and one from a page of the book “The New York Irish” that I believe to be him.

    Now, unprecedented in Tierney family research, I have updated that comparison with new and intriguing evidence. I leave you, dear reader, to form your own opinion of the great importance of this finding. Thank you and good night.

    Groundbreaking Tierney Comparison

    Yes. Yes, that is a Luigi hat, of Mario & Luigi fame I am wearing right there.