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  • May8

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    I haven’t posted any podcasts links lately so thought I would post information on one of my favorites – The BBC’s Coast and Country Podcast has that great radio feel, where the discussion and description of the hosts and guests as they hike and visit sites make you feel as if you are along. (A wonderful thing on a daily commute.)

    While this podcast does not have a genealogy focus, it does offer some historical discussion and people with a family history in the UK will certainly appreciate the locations they visit.

    I enjoyed the 15 March 2012 episode with in particular. The last program of host Clare Balding’s series of ‘Inspirational Walks’ was a walk around the village of Stisted with the former poet laureate Sir Andew Motion. His musings on location, family, and inspiration were both interesting and somehow calming.

    As of this writing you can find that episode in the BBC iPlayer here. If it falls off the iPlayer, you should be able to find it using the main podcast link below. Enjoy!

    BBC Coast and Country Logo

    Coast and Country

    Countryside magazine featuring people, walks and wildlife from rural Britain. Clare Balding’s ‘Ramblings’ and ‘Open Country’ with Matt Baker and Helen Mark join forces to bring you a weekly tour of the best of the British countryside. In ‘Ramblings’ Clare joins her guests on a country walk that’s been significant in their lives. ‘Open Country’ travels to a different corner of the British Isles every week, seeking out the wildlife, the landscapes and the controversies that excite the passions of local people.

  • Sep21

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    Babi's LettersWhile tidying up and checking on my Czech Babi’s (Grandmother’s) steamer trunk that I am taking care of for my mother, I found a nice cache old letters.

    This trunk made the trip back and forth from New York to Czechoslovakia a few times between the 1920s and 1960s…

    Babi ala LifeboatWhen my mother was about 5 years old my grandparents took her back to Czechoslovakia for a visit – and they somehow enticed Babi to take a photo in a ship’s lifeboat.

    SS Queen Mary PostcardAt least one of the trips was on the Queen Mary – we have several of these postcards from the ship in our albums.

    As with any photos on this blog, you can clickety-click on any the images for a larger view.

  • Feb6

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    Going through some old albums today I found the entire TWA printed itinerary for the trip to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales that my sister and I took in 1981. Plus, my 1980s self wrote a detailed list of the location of every photo in the album. Woohoo! Thank you, me.

    And, in case anyone doubted my gift of eloquence, the album also contains photos of us kissing the Blarney Stone. A nice overview of the history of the stone can be found in this article at the Toronto Sun.

    Me kissing the Blarney Stone in 1981 

    Me kissing the Blarney Stone in 1981The hanging upside down and kissing a castle was later followed by an awesome pizza smothered in french fries on the ferry back from Ireland to England.


  • Feb3

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    Very nice job on this Ireland tourism video – I hope to help support them soon!