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Updated: I had to add a few more favorite entries taken from my Flickr stream.

Found while volunteering to transcribe marriage records – My new favorite bride’s name:

An Olive Branch is offered

Olive Branch offers herself in marriage

Another favorite name from the 1900 census:


Horny Baxter rides again

Horny Baxter Rides Again!

Finally, I’ve forgotten where I first saw this census page mentioned – it may have been at Randy Seaver’s Geneamusings Blog(?) but don’t quote me on that. See if you can figure out the what the girls’ occupation was at house number 90 on this page from the 1870 census in Kansas…

Working Girls

Hint: Click on the image to see it full size.

Out of guesses? There’s an extra clue written along the left column – or just see the table below.


Libby Thompson   – “Diddles”
Harriet Pamentis   – “Does Horizontal Work”
Ettie Baldwin         – “Squirms” in the dark
Lizzie Harris         – “Ogles” fools (and I assume, takes care of 4 year old John Edward.)


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