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  While listening to the Genealogy Gems Podcast a few weeks ago, Lisa Louise Cooke talked about waiting for her young grandson to call her Grandma and asked if anyone had any unusual terms of endearment they’d like to share.

I sent along a story of how my son came up with an unusual name for my mother-in-law and Lisa asked if I could record it for her via Skype or a phone call. Pretty neat!

I offered to record it and sent along an mp3 of the story (and was sure to include a sample of my son’s made-up name.) The nicest surprise was that Lisa also gave me a free year’s subscription to her premium podcast for using my story.

So thanks very much to her! I will be checking out those Google Earth for Genealogy videos as soon as I get a chance, as I’m working on various mapping projects and can always use some more tricks in my magic bag.

You can hear the story somewhere in the middle of Episode 119 Thousands of Memories – Childhood, Grandparents & Beyond.

If you’d like to hear my son’s grandma naming story directly, you can also play it here:

How Hemmie Got Her Name

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