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I’ve been searching about to see if I could find some additional background for my great-grandfather Michael Tierney’s service in the New York City Police’s 25th Precinct.

In an older post, Michael Tierney – Policeman, Part 2, I mention my truly serendipitous find of a photo of a group of policemen standing in front of the newly opened 25th Precinct, with great-grandfather Michael included.

Article: The Finest Station HouseBeing your average man on the job, there isn’t too much specifically attributable to him in the newspapers. There are a few possible articles mentioning either an “Officer Tierney” or even “Michael Tierney”, but still hard to tie to him.

So, with plans to write something with a bit of background in hand, I’ve also been looking for information on his precinct, the police force in general, and the city at the time between 1885 to 1913.

Today I found this short, but sweet, description of the new 25th Precinct from the November 30, 1887 edition of the New York Times. In addition to a nice description of the facilities, it also offers information on an expansion of the precinct territory at the time.

View NYC 25th Precinct 1887 in a larger map
Using that precinct description, I’ve created a map of the precinct lines.Oddly enough I will be driving across the 59th Street Bridge tomorrow and walking around that exact area!

Article Source: The finest station house. (1887, Nov 30). New York Times (1857-1922).

Update: A year later we took the kids for a walk over to take a look at the station house, and made a neat photo fade of us standing in the same spot as great-grandfather Mike.

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