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Hello! Yes, I realize I have let this genealogy blog languish a bit, because, you know, LIFE. I do have some ideas for new posts and tools, so stay tuned.

Cindy's CastleBut, Now for something completely different, and non-genealogy-ly: One of the other interests in my bag of, well, interests, is Disney.

I love the history of it, the creativity, theming, Imagi-engin-coolstuff-ineering. As such, I am a frequent flyer on the forums and chat over on the super-useful Touring Plans site, app, and community.

(I wish I were a more frequent visitor to Walt Disney World, but you know: MONEY, and I’m kinda attached to living in a house and eating food the rest of the year.)



If you haven’t heard of Touring Plans before, I highly suggest subscribing to their site if you are planning a trip to Disney World. For a measly $12 or so you can set up plans to very much minimize your waits in the park and provide all sorts of useful info.


Because, in case you haven’t been to Disney World in awhile: if you don’t want to live the Attack on Aqaba scene from Lawrence of Arabia on your trip, you gotta plan, man.

Perhaps as useful as all of TP’s tools is the community in their forums and chat: you will not find a group more dedicated to helping others with the ins and outs of touring the parks. I have learned so much from everyone over the years. An even plus-ier plus is that the chat is often a hilarious place to be.

Are We There Yeti?So, the reason for this post: in my years as a member of that community, I have put together spreadsheets for figuring out Disney Math such as if it is Worth It To Upgrade To A WDW Annual Pass (how is it NOT?)

I have also published maps for urgent care centers near WDW, outlet shops, and a tactic to get a good spot for watching the Happily Ever After fireworks in the Magic Kingdom without the complete inevitability of shoulder-based tiny humans blocking your view.

I have written stream of consciousness posts that ask such eternal questions as how a cast member (read: Disney employee) cleared a problem when we were Stuck at Tapstile and I use that post to add links to interesting articles on Disney-related tech.

Teacups!At this point I think I need to launch my own Disney fan site. But until then I have created a page here to make things easier to find: “JJT’s Touring Plans Forum Posts and Maps Reference” has a compilation of links to all of my most frequently referenced posts. You can also find a link to said page by hovering your mouse over the Tools & Downloads menu above.

May The Mouse Be With You.

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