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    I just received this message from the Irish Family History Foundation – for the month of November 2011 there will be a special offer price per record.  Below is their message:

    In November 2011 the price per individual record viewed will be €3.50 (Euro).

    Under the Advanced Search System the pricing will change as follows:
    1 record €3.50 (Euro)
    2 records – €6.50
    3 – 4 records – €11.00
    5 – 10 records €20.00
    11 – 15 records €30.00

    Please note that new records will be online very soon.
    Please check out our interactive map to see which centres are currently live.

    If you have any questions or comments please check our Online Help and if this does not provide an answer, then do not hesitate to contact us or one or the county centres.

    Yours sincerely

  • Sep30


    While scanning my family’s photo albums I have found there are a fair number of mystery folks to us. But, the process of going through all of our albums has at least given me some clues to groups of people that go together and thus some educated guesses of who they might be.

    However, the best help I’ve had was last year when was able to go through photos with a cousin from Ireland I’d met for the first time. We decided that a few of the photos were probably of my grandmother May Egan’s daughter Elizabeth, whom she had before she left Ireland.

    Elizabeth remained in Ireland when my grandmother emigrated, presumably somewhere near Creggan, Endrim or Ferbane, Ireland.

    We know very little of Elizabeth, but do know she came to New York at some point because we have some later photos of her with her baby son, my grandmother and my toddler father in New York circa 1930. (In fact, I’ve just found a cache of photos that weren’t used in albums and include more photos of Elizabeth – including her in what look like group outings with friends. I will post more about those at a later date.)

    Now, while cleaning up some damaged photos in Photoshop a possibility occurred to me – a girl in a photo at Coney Island (center above) resembles the girl we believe is a young Elizabeth in Ireland. Is it her?

    Photo Comparison Elizabeth Egan

    There is a “Lizzie” Egan immigrating with my grandmother’s sister Bridget around 1924 that I suspect may be Elizabeth, but since I believe this photo is about 1920 (based on the Tierney children’s ages) that would mean she couldn’t be the girl in the middle photo. (Unless she traveled back and forth between Ireland and NY a couple of times, which I think unlikely.)

    With no more info than this it has been fairly impossible to track her down so far. I hope one day to be able to find some record of her – she was my Aunt, after all. Maybe there’s even a cousin or two descended from her that might one day find this while doing their own researching.

    I remain, as always, confused. But curious. and tenacious. Also, a little hungry.

    Update (June 13, 2013): I have a long post to write on the search for my Aunt Elizabeth – quick version here is I believe I have found her emigrating to New York in 1921 under the name of “Lizzie Jennings”. Stay Tuned…

  • Sep8


    A pair of unknown children from our family albums. An educated guess would be kids from the Egan or Farrell parts of the family back near Ferbane, Offaly, Ireland.
    Communion Children

  • Aug30

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    I have been making some inroads into my wife’s side of the family tree and I’m having great fun with the research. This is the outline of my most recent fun find, but if you find the details of this post too long, please scroll to the bottom for my question to genealogy folks. (And follow me on Twitter, where I’m strictly limited in my verbosity.)

    Several months ago, after floundering around with a completely incorrect surname for one of her paternal great-grandmothers, I finally found a record that led me to the right one. The simple change from searching for Josephine “Dreslen” to “Bernemann” opened a floodgate of records and others researching – as well as a 3rd cousin working on the same line who also knew my wife’s grandparents!

    Marriage Index Record, Duffy - Bernemann, Iowa 1914Using that new info, I began to rummage around Familysearch and found the info from the Iowa marriage record of her great grandparents Michael Duffy and Josephine Bernemann.

    Under the watchful eye of the god of documentation, I faithfully ordered the official certificate. (See my previous blog post for a small lesson learned on that topic.) Read More | Comments

  • Apr27


    Actually, the building has left Saint Gabriel.

    According to the book of Daniel (and Wikipedia) a being resembling a man and identified as Gabriel appears to the prophet Daniel to give him “skill and understanding” regarding his visions. I’m fairly sure my genealogy research does not rate as “having visions”, although I’ll gladly take some skill and understanding.

    As of late I have been tracking down various documents for my Tierney family in New York, all the while hoping that one might offer a clue to their origin in Ireland. I am happy to say that each new document I find has offered at least some tiny tidbit of information or led me further down the path to the next record.

    However, my Tierneys seem intent on stringing us along when it comes to where they came from in Ireland. My list of records to find in New York has included my great-grandparent’s marriage certificate, their death certificates, plus the birth and baptism certificates for my grandfather and his siblings.

    Using the Catholic Church Registers list at rootsweb and a few other pages that have now succumbed to the Internet abyss I began to inquire at various churches near East 35th Street to see if any of these records might be extant.

    View Genealogy Family Sites in a larger map

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