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  • Jan15

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    I don’t know why, but this family history research is making me really hungry today!

    Screen Capture of People named Giant Fries and Giant Coffee in census results

  • Oct25

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    Below is a result from my server logs. Apparently my genealogy blog ranks fairly well in Google’s search results for “binoculars strong enough to spy through windows.

    My work is done here.

    binoculars strong enough to spy through windows

  • Jul26

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    Pease Ban HeadlineIn all of my trolling of historical newspapers to date, this is now my favorite silly article headline.

    It is from December 16,1913 edition of The Sun.

    The article itself follows suit in an entertaining manner – I suggest you read it for yourself on the Library of Congress Chronicling America site.

  • Jul16

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    LADIES of 1898 YOUR “TROUBLES” ARE OVER. Because, you know, WINE.

    Wine of Cardui advertisement, 1898

    Found in the Kansas City Star, Sunday November 6, 1898, Page 20 and everywhere fine alcoholic female products are sold.

  • Jun28

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    Found when trolling old newspapers for hints of my Tierneys in New York City and environs. I can claim no relation to this affectionate young man, but the writer’s style is razor sharp!

    John Tierney is a very affectionate young man.